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April 2018

Challenges to Learning

Sometimes, however much you try, you feel hindered, held back, pulled back. It’s like wading through treacle; all your attempts are thwarted, and you decide there must be something... Read More

Special Children

In my profession as a Music Teacher, Providing Music for Therapy, I attract Special Children. I attract them, because I was one myself. I remember how much I struggled,... Read More

In The Groove

There is an old expression, getting “In The Groove”. It refers to a needle or stylus, being dropped at the beginning of a vinyl album. It finds the groove,... Read More

Teaching people on the Autistic Spectrum

Autism is a Spectrum. That means most of us are somewhere along the scale of this spectrum. Some people are at one extreme (remember the film Rainman?), and some... Read More

Having fun playing LIVE

  As you may know, dear Reader, I play background piano at events.   Gospel Hymns at Funerals Famous classics and Jazz for Veterans Love songs at Weddings and... Read More