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Benefits of learning to play guitar 4 of 4

Heal your heart


While music (listening to, playing and writing) can certainly help you process your feelings and mend a broken heart, music actually has a positive effect on your heart from a medical standpoint.


According to Harvard Health, “music can help ease your recovery from a heart treatment procedure, get you back to normal after a heart attack or stroke, relieve stress, and maybe even lower your blood pressure.” So go ahead and play your heart out, your body will thank you.




Other health benefits


There are also those that point out the benefits of learning to play guitar for calorie burning. It does help to be up performing on a stage, in a hot, sweaty venue. You won’t lose much by learning a song on your couch.


Harvard Health ran a study on the effects of music on blood pressure and anxiety on patients undergoing heart treatments. Listening to and playing relaxing music, like power ballads and love songs, can really help. Playing guitar in these times of anxiety can take you out of the moment to a better place and time in life.


Relieve pain by song writing and creating your own guitar solo.


Research from the University of Utah’s Pain Research Centre shows that the act of playing music can be so absorbing that people actually use it as a painkiller. This means that it can be a great tool for people dealing with chronic stress and pain.




Finally, Playing The Guitar Is Fun!

Integrating all of these benefits into something that you want to do because it’s fun and makes you feel great, gives your life that something special that can’t really be found anywhere else.


What to know more?

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