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In The Groove

There is an old expression, getting “In The Groove”. It refers to a needle or stylus, being dropped at the beginning of a vinyl album. It finds the groove,... Read More

Teaching people on the Autistic Spectrum

Autism is a Spectrum. That means most of us are somewhere along the scale of this spectrum. Some people are at one extreme (remember the film Rainman?), and some... Read More

Having fun playing LIVE

  As you may know, dear Reader, I play background piano at events.   Gospel Hymns at Funerals Famous classics and Jazz for Veterans Love songs at Weddings and... Read More

How I Write Songs and Compose Music

How I write Songs and Compose Music   Sometimes a song can start with the words. I feel something, I write it down. How do these words make me... Read More

How People Learn

  Old fashioned teaching methods are interested in WHAT you should learn. I am fascinated passionately in HOW you learn.   Some people learn Visually.  Seeing and then copying.... Read More

Music and young children

  Why lullabies really do send babies to sleep ‘Music releases autistic children from their chains’   Relating to children   So here are a few better ideas of... Read More

Benefits of learning to play guitar 4 of 4

Heal your heart   While music (listening to, playing and writing) can certainly help you process your feelings and mend a broken heart, music actually has a positive effect... Read More

Benefits of learning to play Guitar 3 of 4

Enhances Your Coordination Playing an instrument requires a certain level of hand-eye coordination, which is of course developed with practice. Reading guitar tabs and/or music involves your brain converting... Read More

Benefits of learning to play Guitar 2 of 4

  Teaches You Discipline Regular practice will take discipline, especially with areas that we find challenging. With persistence comes success and the development of discipline, which can then also... Read More

Benefits of learning to play Guitar 1 of 4

Can learning to play the guitar improve our well-being in profound ways? When learning to play an instrument, you may consciously be thinking about enjoying the music and being... Read More