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Teaching people with Special Needs

  I love being with Autistic People. It is so refreshing.   They take everything I say so literally. “How many times a week should I practice”, they ask.... Read More

Next Level Playing

You know the expression: “Like The Back of My Hand”? It implies that you’ve stared at the back of your hand so much, so often, that it has become... Read More

WHAT music, WHEN music, HOW music

Music is made up of three essential Elements.   First, there is WHAT to play. Which musical notes to play. In which order. What drum to hit. Which chord... Read More

PLAY Music, don’t work music

I have spent years trying to find the best way to tell a student To Master a piece of music To Conquer a piece of music To Subdue a... Read More

Challenges to Learning

Sometimes, however much you try, you feel hindered, held back, pulled back. It’s like wading through treacle; all your attempts are thwarted, and you decide there must be something... Read More

How People Learn

  Old fashioned teaching methods are interested in WHAT you should learn. I am fascinated passionately in HOW you learn.   Some people learn Visually.  Seeing and then copying.... Read More