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The Unity of the Rhythm

Drum Circle Fun   I love the diversity of people that are attracted to my Drum Circles. Artists Dancers Teenagers Pensioners Fellow healers Office managers Busy-Minded people. Some people... Read More

Special Children

In my profession as a Music Teacher, Providing Music for Therapy, I attract Special Children. I attract them, because I was one myself. I remember how much I struggled,... Read More

Music and young children

  Why lullabies really do send babies to sleep ‘Music releases autistic children from their chains’   Relating to children   So here are a few better ideas of... Read More

The Mozart Effect

Debunking – The Mozart Effect   The Mozart Effect is a term used to describe an experiment that took place in 1993.   It’s the idea that if we... Read More

Playing a musical instrument makes you brainier

    New research suggests that regularly playing an instrument changes the shape and power of the brain and may be used in therapy to improve cognitive skills. It... Read More

Benefits of Drumming – Health

Six Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Drumming   Drumming has been proven in human clinical research to do the following six things: Reduce Blood Pressure, Anxiety/Stress A 2014 study published... Read More

Benefits of Drumming 1

. Do you (or your child) have challenges with speech and articulation? Eye-hand coordination? Or even having difficulty with social skills or social cues? Then drumming maybe the right... Read More