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Holistic, Community & Family Events with Janet Green Strestless

Drum Circles using African Djembe drums

Relaxation classes

Meditation classes

Music for relaxation and therapy

Yoga classes

Yoga and music for relaxation and therapy

Chair Yoga

Music Lessons:  Drums, Guitars, Keyboards

Creating and singing our own positive affirmations to music in English

Chanting ancient Sanskrit Mantras, accompanied by Indian Tablas and Harmonium.  Special guest invite.

Serge Music and Janet Green Strestless

Janet and Serge also work for County Councils (Alzheimers, Care for the Carer),
Blind Veterans,
Brain Trauma sufferers,
Autistic Spectrum,
and with the Elderly.

Janet Green Strestless and Serge Music work closely together.

Based in the Wirral, Cheshire & all North Wales.

Janet is a Yoga Teacher and a Holistic Therapist, with over 30 years of relaxation therapy.

Her company is called Strestless.

Strestless and Serge Music, Relaxation, Holistic, Wellness


07910 126 663

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