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Special Children

In my profession as a Music Teacher, Providing Music for Therapy, I attract Special Children.

I attract them, because I was one myself.

I remember how much I struggled, in an open-plan class of 30 in school.

How misunderstood I was, and how often I mis-read others.

Yes, it’s lonely being a Special Child.




Parents are surprised when they witness the rapport I have with their children.

“They are not normally this friendly or peaceful”, the parents say.

These Special Children are deep thinkers; they ask me questions beyond their years.

It seems like they are already old inside.

They will not commit or apply themselves immediately to their lesson.

Instead, they spend a long time, just looking at me with their enquiring eyes, sideways, up and down, back to front, sussing me out.

They appear to be reading me, trying to work out whether I am ‘safe’ or not.


I welcome their scrutiny, of course.  I like to be transparent, an open book.

After a lesson or two, they realise, or decide, or discover for themselves that

I am one of them

I speak their language,

I think like them,

and I am indeed ‘safe’,

so they relax, and enter into the process of learning how to play an instrument.


Some children are extra quiet and soft spoken, weighing up what I say, deciding if it’s right for them.

When I ask them a question, they consider it at length, before answering.

They know I won’t rush them or loose patience.

Other children are extra bouncy, they enjoy the challenge of learning how to focus; taming their mind, funnelling their attention into their fingers.


Special Children in my experience, find no need to lie or exaggerate; they tend to be literal and honest.

When I ask them if they have played their instrument this week, they tell me very straight, yes or no.

Some will even go to great lengths to tell me why they haven’t been able to practice.


One student calmly told me,
the reason they were playing wrong,
was because they had got into a habit from the last song,
and had memorised what to do,
and were applying it to this song, and hoping it would work.
That’s really detailed for a 7 year old!


One child came in, sat down, and asked me how my week had been. Asked me!
I nearly sputtered with surprise, admiration and respect.


One 9 year old was so keen to progress in their instrument,
they kept trying and trying,
getting more and more tired,
repeating the same line over and over again,
until I stopped them.
I didn’t want them to get exhausted mentally, and have a bad experience.
Such concentration, determination and staying power is staggering in someone so young.


In my early days of teaching, one Special Child
took my instruction,
adapted it to suit themselves,
and developed their own way of learning.
They were so keen, they came for lessons twice a week, and paid out of their own pocket money.
I learnt from them! They were so inspiring.


I am truly blessed to have attracted so many gifted people into my life.


I recommend searching on Google for “Crystal Children” – makes for very interesting reading.



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