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The Unity of the Rhythm

Drum Circle Fun


I love the diversity of people that are attracted to my Drum Circles.





Fellow healers

Office managers

Busy-Minded people.

Some people are there simply to have fun,

Others are there specifically for the therapy.

Still others are there for next-step drumming techniques.


Though we are all individual humans; unique and different, we all share the same challenges and characteristics.

The challenge with most people is

to learn how to relax,

to still their mind,

be more in the moment,

calm their breathing and lower their heart rate

switch off from their mind which chatters incessantly.


The ability to funnel your concentration into your hands and fingers, is a precious skill.
A talent which can be learned, and which will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Every employer longs for employees who can focus on a task for a prolonged period.

Every coach, trainer or teacher longs for students who can be patient with their bodies and minds, as they repeat the same task or movement over and over  until they perfect it.

This apparent super power is lacking now-a-days, because everything is so fast and immediate. Instant coffee. Pre-packaged meals. Flicking adverts on telly.

All you have to do is sit in your garden for a while, to realise this fast-action lifestyle is not  Natures’ way.


  1. We start with some very brief and basic instructions about how to hold and play the Djembe Drum.
  2. Then I will sing a simple rhythm to everyone, and demonstrate visually, so everyone can slowly copy.
  3. Finally, I will tell everyone to try  not  to think about anything else in their life….
    “….just bring your mind and attention into the NOW, close your eyes, and treat this time as a medicine, as a therapy. An escape from the troubles of the day”.


We then play the rhythm for as long as is reasonable – 20 minutes if possible, maybe longer.


I can tell in a heartbeat (drum beat?) when people let their mind wonder. There is an instant disturbance in the Group Harmony. I glance up at them and smile, and remind them to “Bring it back”. To their credit, they do manage to, and the ‘Unity of the Rhythm’ continues.


When we finally stop, it is a beautiful feeling.

We emerge from our reverie like a flower opens up to the sun, feeling lighter, calmer, more peaceful, less stressed.

Everyone is smiling, most with a dreamy look on their face.   “Wow!” is a common response!


It surprises people, how good they feel, how playing with fellow humans creates such a bond.



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