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How I Write Songs and Compose Music

How I write Songs and Compose Music


Sometimes a song can start with the words. I feel something, I write it down.

How do these words make me feel?

Sad? Angry? Passionate? Happy? Playful? Inspired?

Each feeling can be reflected in a style of music.


Sometimes a piece of music can start with a chord structure.

I simply bang chords down, and underneath my fingers, a tune emerges.

Maybe the highest note will stand out to me. Maybe the bass line.

If I play a wrong note by accident, that may become the basis of a new musical path.


Sometimes a piece of music will start with an Intention.

I intend to relax this person. I wish to calm them down. I intend to bring peace. I wish to calm an atmosphere down.

I may start by playing random chords and notes, then breath into it, and gradually a pleasing pattern will emerge.


Sometimes I am given the words, either by a school project, or a company logo, or a student’s writings. Then I have to represent the message the author of the words was trying to get across.

This requires an element of empathy, being able to put myself in another person’s position, without having to actually go through the situation myself.


Sometimes, a tune pops into my head. I whistle or hum it.

Then I sit down with an instrument, and fit the chords around the tune.

Finally, I decide which rhythm is best applicable to this tune.

A song or piece of music can sound totally different with differing rhythms put to it.

The hard task during the final mix-down, is to choose a style and press the full stop!


Sometimes, I wake up with a rhythm in my head.

Anyone who has drummed with me will know that Drums aren’t just banging.

Drums breath. The rhythm ebbs and flows, like breath, like the sea.

You come up like a wave, and then come down in a cluster of notes.

There are spaces in a rhythm. Quiet spots where other instruments interject their beauty.



The orchestration of instruments is my most FAVOURITE activity.

When managing a band, bringing one instrument in, taking another one down, sometimes stopping all to honour the one.

The key is Starting with Silence, not noise. Then introducing instruments one at a time, depending on what the Piece requires.


These are just some of the ways I write songs and compose music.

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